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Outside of Ramapo College Resources

Other Ramapo MSET Material


In 2003 Fair Lawn Schools joined a new venture in creating a partnership with Ramapo College of New Jersey, giving us the opportunity to be an official off-campus site.  This partnership has brought to the District the Master's of Science in Educational Technology program.

Below you will find a sampling of WebQuests created by Ramapo students, some of which are our own Fair Lawn educators.  It gives me great pride in presenting them to you.

Taken from Ramapo College MSET program:

Modified from Bernie Dodge's WebQuest Template, Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University.

Quick Reference Bernie Dodge WebQuest Information --
Adapting and Enhancing Already Existing WebQuests
Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

FrontPage Tutorial Sites
Electric Teacher
Florida Gulf Coast University--FrontPage 2000

Elementary Middle Level High School
Life Cycles of a Butterfly
(gr. K)
Traveling to Paris
(gr. 8 - French 1)
Math & English
(gr. 9)
(English/Math 7-9)
Your Hired
(gr 10 & 11 Sci & Math)

Winter Holidays


Inventions (Physical Science)
(gr. 4-8)
Aunt Millie's Money
(gr 9-12)


Twinkle, Twinkle
Little Star

(Kindergarten Music)


Physical Science
(gr. 8)


A Biochemistry WebQuest
(gr. 9-12)


The Four Little Piggies & The Big Money Lesson
Supreme Court Decision/Tattoo Age Regulations
(gr. 8/9)
Designer Challenge
(gr 8-10 Math)
The Four Seasons
(gr. K/1)
Washington D.C.
(gr. 8)
Under Size Me
Art, Business & Health
The Butterfly Sitter
(gr. K/1)
  Shhh, You've Been Invited
(gr. 9 geo.)
The Pilgrim Children
Fairy Tales - Middle School  
Create a Dino
(gr. 2)
The Iditarod Race
(gr. 2/3)


Types of Storms
(gr. 4)
Storm Watchers
(gr. 4)



The Australian Great Barrier Reef (gr. 3)

ESPA Math Prep



The Carnival is Coming
(Probability Quest)
(gr. 4- ESPA prep)
The Nine Planets
(gr. 4)
Rain Forest
(gr. 4/5)

Outside Ramapo WebQuest Resources

American Revolutionary War Spies
(gr. 5-Social Studies)

A WebQuest Generator

More WebQuests catagorized by level

Gilford County Schools, Greensboro, North Carolina

University of Richmond, Virginia, Web-Based Projects



Other Ramapo MSET Material. . .

A Journey to South Africa
(Mrs. Grundman's)

Our Rainforest Rendevous
Mrs. Passaro's)





Resources from previous workshops…

Teaching with WebQuests

WebQuest Design Patterns

A Check list for Evaluating a WebQuests