Black History 104


DIRECTIONS: Read each clue. Each clue tells about a famous black American on the list below. Use the list to connect to a short biography of each person. On the line next to each clue, write the name of the person that the clue tells about.

  1. _____________________ In 1870, this person was the first black to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.


  2. _____________________ This person, the child of former slaves, invented the ironing board, the lawn sprinkler, and many other useful things.


  3. _____________________ This person was one of the first people killed in the cause of American independence.


  4. _____________________ This civil rights advocate told her life story in the book A Colored Woman in a White World.


  5. _____________________ This person -- the 15th of 17 children born of former slaves -- grew up to become a college president.


  6. _____________________ This person, the child of ex-slaves, developed a hair product and died a millionaire!


  7. _____________________ Many consider this fur and grain trader to be the founder of the city of Chicago.


  8. _____________________ This former coal mine worker born to former slaves got a degree from Harvard University and started what is called today "Black History Month."


  9. _____________________ Many consider this doctor to be the originator of the Blood Bank concept.


  10. _____________________ This person, the child of a runaway slave, was a football All-American and a well-known actor and singer.


Carter G. Woodson
Mary McLeod Bethune
Joseph Hayne Rainey
Mary Eliza Church Terrell
Paul Robeson
Jean-Baptist-Point DuSable
Crispus Attucks
Elijah McCoy
Madame C.J. Walker
Charles Drew


Taken from Education World, January 9, 2006